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Article 6 Ownership of Elements and Equipment

1. Canada, the European Partner, Russia, and the United States, through their respective Cooperating Agencies, and an entity designated by Japan at the time of the deposit of its instrument under Article 25 (2), shall own the elements listed in the Annex that they respectively provide, except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement. The Partners, acting through their Cooperating Agencies, shall notify each other regarding the ownership of any equipment in or on the Space Station.
2. The European Partner shall entrust ESA, acting in its name and on its behalf, with ownership over the elements it provides, as well ass over any other equipment developed and funded under an ESA programme as a contribution to the Space Station, its operation or utilization.
3. The transfer of ownership of the elements listed in the Annex or of equipment in or on the Space Station shall not affect the rights and obligations of the Partners under this Agreement, the MOUs, or implementing arrangements.
4. Equipment in or on the Space Station shall not be owned by, and ownership of elements listed in the Annex shall not be transferred to, any non-Partner or private entity under the jurisdiction of a non-Partner without the prior concurrence of the other Partners. Any transfer of ownership of any element listed in the Annex shall require prior notification of the other Partners.
5. The ownership of equipment or material provided by a user shall not be affected by the mere presence of such equipment or material in or on the Space Station.
6. The exercise of ownership of elements and equipment shall be subject to any relevant provisions of this Agreement, the MOUs, and implementing arrangements, including relevant procedural mechanisms established therein.

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