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Article 9 Utilization

1. Utilization rights are derived from Partner provision of user elements, infrastructure elements, or both. Any Partner that provides Space Station user elements shall retain use of those elements, except as otherwise provided in this paragraph. Partners which provide resources to operate an use the Space Station, which are derived from their Space Station infrastructure elements, shall receive in exchange a fixed share of the use of certain user elements. Partners' specific allocations of Space Station user elements and of resources derived from Space Station infrastructure are set forth in the MOUs and implementing arrangements.
2. The Partners shall have the right to barter of sell any portion of their respective allocations. The teams and conditions of any barter or sale shall be determined on a case-by-case basis by the parties to the transaction.
3. Each partner may use and select users for its allocations for any purpose consistent with the object of this Agreement and provisions set forth in the MOUs and implementing arrangements, expect that:
(a) any proposed use of a user element by a non-Partner or private entity under the jurisdiction of a non-Partner shall require the prior notification to and timely consensus among all Partners through their Cooperating Agencies; and
(b) the Partner providing an element shall determine whether a contemplated use of that element is for peaceful purposes, except that this subparagraph shall not be invoked to prevent any Partner from using resources derived from the Space Station infrastructure.
4. In its use of the Space Station, each Partner, through its Cooperating Agency, shall seek through the mechanisms established in the MOUs to avoid causing serious adverse effects on the use of the Space Station by the other Partners.
5. Each Partner shall assure access to and use of its Space Station elements to the other Partners in accordance with their respective allocations.
6. For purposed of this Article, an ESA Member State shall not be considered a "non-partner".

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