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Article 1 - Objectives


This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for NASA and RSA cooperation in activities related to the initial participation in the Space Station Program by organizations or entities of, or related to, the Government of the Russian Federation. This cooperation, an integrated partnership among NASA, RSA and the Cooperating Agencies of the Space Station Partners, will contribute significantly to achieving the goal of a single, integrated international Space Station that will enhance the use of space for the benefit of all participating nations and humanity. The Parties are also cooperating in additional activities pursuant to other agreements, including precursor activities to the cooperation on the Space Station described in this Agreement. These precursor activities, referred to as Phase 1, involve efforts to achieve significant risk reduction in the overall program which are not subject to this Agreement. This Agreement covers later phases of the cooperation: the detailed design, development, operation and utilization of the Space Station.


This Agreement provides for:

Initial cooperation between NASA and RSA to integrate RSA into the planning process for detailed design, development, operation and utilization of the Space Station pending completion of programmatic steps and entry into force of legal arrangements for a redesigned Space Station with integral Russian participation;

Descriptions of managerial, technical and operational interfaces which are necessary to ensure effective coordination and compatibility between the Parties' activities; and

Establishment of specified legal obligations, in connection with Russian participation in the Space Station Program.


In particular, the purpose of this Agreement is to integrate RSA, to the maximum extent possible, into Space Station management mechanisms under the IGA, and under the memoranda of understanding between NASA and ESA, NASA and the Government of Japan (GOJ), and NASA and MOSST. The IGA, and these memoranda are attached for reference but are not part of this Agreement. Neither the Russian Federation nor RSA is a party to the IGA, or these memoranda.


The Parties intend to proceed expeditiously to define their respective contributions to the Space Station Program, as well as operation and utilization concepts, preparatory to concluding a NASA-RSA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering their entire cooperation in the program. In addition, the Parties note that the Government of the Russian Federation and the Partners stated on March 18, 1994, their intention to negotiate the following agreements: a Protocol to amend the IGA so that Russia may become a party to it and to provide for Russian participation in the Space Station Program as a partner; and a provisional arrangement concerning application of the IGA and Protocol pending entry into force of the Protocol. The parties envision that this Agreement will remain in effect until the NASA-RSA MOU and Protocol have entered into force.

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