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Article 4 - Safety and Mission Assurance


In order to assure safety, NASA has the responsibility, working with the RSA and the Cooperating Agencies of the Space Station Partners, to establish overall Space Station safety and mission assurance requirements and plans.


RSA will develop detailed safety and mission assurance requirements and plans, using its own requirements for its Space Station hardware and software. Such requirements and plans must meet or exceed the overall Space Station safety requirements and plans.
Requirements for which meet or exceed criteria are not appropriate will be determined by agreement of the Parties. RSA will have the responsibility to implement Space Station safety and mission assurance requirements and plans with respect to the elements and payloads it provides throughout the lifetime of the program, and to certify that such requirements and plans have been met. NASA will have the overall responsibility to certify that all Space Station elements and payloads are safe.


The Parties will exchange information necessary in order to conduct system safety reviews. The Parties will also conduct safety reviews of the elements and payloads they provide.

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