Educational Activities

Space is an eternal theme in the search for the origin of human beings and the universe and is one of the best subjects for educational activities. JAXA has given high priority to educational activities to nurture the human resources of those with an interest in things like space, the earth and life, and these will bear fruit for future Japanese and international space development, space science and aeronautical technology. We are providing a study environment for students from elementary and junior high school age through to university and graduate school level, and various programs for instructors who teach these students.

Space Education Center

The Space Education Center aims to "foster broad-minded youths that are taught about a wide range of views." The Space Education Center's desire is to arouse in children's minds the limitless affection to nature, space and life and at the same time create a desire to contribute to the future of human beings and living creatures on earth by utilizing suitable materials from space and achievements from space activities. To accomplish this, we will deploy our activities in cooperation with various people, teachers and organizations that share our goals.

At the Space Education Center, various education programs like the following can be provided.

  • Educator Cooperative Program

    We will support classes at schools or provide teaching materials in cooperation with teachers.

  • Youth Program

    We will provide an educational program for elementary/junior high/high school students using JAXA's original space education program.

Educational Activities for graduate-level students

JAXA is cooperating with graduate schools by building a system to perform higher educational research through advanced research and development in order to foster the next generation of researchers and engineers to meet the challenges of the future in regards to space science and technology as well as aeronautical technology. Specifically, students can learn practically in the front lines of research such as being in close contact with research on a global-leading, large-scale project. We have various measures prepared to host the students to be able to respond to their wide range of demands such as promoting cooperation in graduate school education through the cooperative graduate school system.
The Promotion Office For Collaboration With University And Research Institute aims to meet the demands of the students and graduate schools.