H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI" (HTV)

Here are charts and drawings showing the components and major characteristics of KOUNOTORI (HTV.)

KOUNOTORI Components

KOUNOTORI is four meters across and about 10 meters long, a size large enough to accommodate a sightseeing bus. It consists primarily of three parts: (1) A propulsion module installed at the rear and composed of main engines for orbit change, Reaction Control System (RCS) thrusters for position control, fuel and oxidizing reagent tanks, and high-pressure air tanks; (2) An avionics module installed in the center part, with electronic equipment for guidance control, power supply, and telecommunications data processing; and (3) A logistics carrier that stores supplies.

KOUNOTORI Specifications

Length Approx. 9.8m (including thrusters)
Diameter Approx. 4.4m
Total Mass Approx. 10,500kg
Cargo capacity
(supplies and equipment)
Max. 6,000kg
  -Pressurized cargo: Max. 5,200kg
  -Unpressurized cargo: Max. 1,500kg
Cargo capacity (waste) Approx. 6,000kg
Target orbit to ISS Altitude: 350km to 460km
Inclination: 51.6 degrees
Maximum duration of a mission Rendezvous flight period: about five days
Bearthed with the ISS: about 45 days
On-orbit emergency stand-by: about seven days