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Article XIV: Cooperation


The Agency may, upon decisions of the Council taken by unanimous votes of all Member States, co-operate with other international organisations and institutions and with Governments, organisations and institutions of non-member States, and conclude agreements with them to this effect.


Such cooperation may take the form of participation by non-member States or international organisations in one or more of the programmes under Article V.1 (a) (ii) and V.1 (b). Subject to the decisions to be taken under paragraph 1, the detailed arrangements for such cooperation shall be defined in each case by the Council by a two-thirds majority of the States participating in the programme in question. These arrangements may provide that a non-member State shall have a vote in the Council when the latter examines matters pertaining exclusively to the programme in which that State participates.


Such cooperation may also take the form of according associate membership to non-member States which undertake to contribute at least to the studies of future projects under Article V.1 (a) (i). The detailed arrangements for each such associate membership shall be defined by the Council by a two-thirds majority of all Member States.

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