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Done on May 30, 1975
Entered into force on October 30, 1980

The States parties to this Convention,

Considering that the magnitude of the human, technical and financial resources required for activities in the space field is such that these resources lie beyond the means of any single European country,

Considering the Resolution adopted by the European Space Conference on 20 December 1972 and confirmed by the European Space Conference on 31 July 1973, which decided that a new organisation, called the "European Space Agency", would be formed out of the European Space Research Organisation and the European Organisation for the Development and Construction of Space Vehicle Launchers, and that the aim would be to integrate the European national space programmes into a European space programme as far and as fast as reasonably possible,

Desiring to pursue and to strengthen European co-operation, for exclusively peaceful purposes, in space research and technology and their space applications, with a view to their being used for scientific purposes and for operational space applications systems,

Desiring, in order to achieve these aims, to establish a single European space organisation to increase the efficiency of the total of European space efforts by making better use of the resources at present devoted to space and to define a European space programme for exclusively peaceful purposes,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I: Establishment of the Agency
Article II: Purpose
Article III: Information and data
Article IV: Exchange of persons
Article V: Activities and programmes
Article VI: Facilities and services
Article VII: Industrial policy
Article VIII: Launchers and other space transport systems
Article IX: Use of facilities, assistance to Member States, and supply of products
Article X: Organs
Article XI: The Council
Article XII: Director General and staff
Article XIII: Financial contributions
Article XIV: Cooperation
Article XV: Legal status, privileges and immunities
Article XVI: Amendments
Article XVII: Disputes
Article XVIII: Non-fulfilment of obligations
Article XIX: Continuity of rights and obligations
Article XX: Signature and ratification
Article XXI: Entry into force
Article XXII: Accession
Article XXIII: Notifications
Article XXIV: Denunciation
Article XXV: Dissolution
Article XXVI: Registration
Annex II: Financial Provisions
Annex III: Optional Programmes Covered by Article V.1 (b) of the Convention
Annex IV: Internationalisation of National Programs
Annex V: Industrial Policy

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