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Article VII: Industrial policy


The industrial policy which the Agency is to elaborate and apply by virtue of Article II (d) shall be designed in particular to


meet the requirements of the European space programme and the co-ordinated national space programmes in a cost-effective manner;


improve the world-wide competitiveness of European industry by maintaining and developing space technology and by encouraging the rationalisation and development of an industrial structure appropriate to market requirements, making use in the first place of the existing industrial potential of all Member States;


ensure that all Member States participate in an equitable manner, having regard to their financial contribution, in implementing the European space programme and in the associated development of space technology; in particular the Agency shall, for the execution of its programmes, grant preference to the fullest extent possible to industry in all Member States, which shall be given the maximum opportunity to participate in the work of technological interest undertaken for the Agency;


exploit the advantages of free competitive bedding in all cases, except where this would be incompatible with other defined objectives of industrial policy.

Other objectives may be defined by the Council by a unanimous decision of all Member States.
The detailed arrangements for the attainment of these objectives shall be those set out in Annex V and in rules which shall be adopted by the Council by a two-thirds majority of all Member States and reviewed periodically.


For the execution of its programmes, the Agency shall make the maximum use of external contractors consistent with the maintenance of the internal capability referred to in Article VI.1.

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