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Article IX: Use of facilities, assistance to Member States, and supply of products


Provided that their use for its own activities and programmes is not thereby prejudiced, the Agency shall make its facilities available, at the cost of the State concerned, to any Member State that asks to use them for its own programmes. The Council shall determine, by a two-thirds majority of all Member States, the practical arrangements under which the facilities will be made available.


If, outside the activities and programmes referred to in Article V but within the purpose of the Agency, one or more Member States wish to engage in a project, the Council may decide by a two-thirds majority of all Member States to make available the assistance of the Agency. The resulting cost to the Agency shall be met by the Member State or States concerned.



Products developed under a programme of the Agency shall be supplied to any Member State that has taken part in the funding of the programme in question and asks for such products to be supplied for its own purposes. The Council shall determine by a two-thirds majority of all Member States the practical arrangements under which such products will be supplied and in particular the measures to be taken by the Agency in regard to its contractors to enable the requesting Member State to obtain those products.


This Member State may ask the Agency to state whether it considers that the prices proposed by the contractors are fair and reasonable and whether, under similar circumstances, it would consider them acceptable for the purposes of its own requirements.


The fulfilment of the requests referred to in this paragraph shall not involve the Agency in any additional costs, and all costs resulting from such requests shall be borne by the requesting Member State.

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