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Annex IV: Internationalisation of National Programs

Article I

The principal objective of the internationalisation of national programmes shall be that each Member State shall make available for participation by other Member States, within the framework of the Agency, any new civil space project which it intends to undertake, either alone or in collaboration with another Member State. With this end in view:


each Member State shall notify to the Director General of the Agency any such project before the beginning of its phase B (project definition phase);


the timing and content of proposals for participation in a project should make it possible for other Member States to undertake a significant share of the work involved; an early indication shall be given to the Agency of any reasons which make this impracticable and of any conditions which the initiating Member State may wish to place on the allocation of work to other Member States;


the initiating Member State shall explain the arrangements it proposes for the technical management of the project and indicate the reasons for them;


the initiating Member State shall use its best endeavours to accommodate all reasonable responses, subject to agreement being reached, within the timescale demanded by project decisions, on the level of the cost and the way in which the cost and work are shared; it shall subsequently submit a formal proposal under Annex III where the project is to be executed in accordance with the terms of that Annex;


the execution of a project within the framework of the Agency shall not be excluded merely because that project has failed to attract the participation of other Member States to the extent originally proposed by the initiating Member State.

Article II

Member States shall use their best endeavours to ensure that the bilateral and multilateral space projects which they undertake with non-member States do not prejudice the scientific, economic or industrial objectives of the Agency. In particular, they shall


inform the Agency of such projects, in so far as they judge that this would not prejudice the projects;


discuss with the other Member States projects so communicated, with the object of establishing the scope for wider participation. If wider participation proves possible, the procedures laid down in Article I (b) to (e) shall apply.

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