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Article 10: The General Body


The General Body shall comprise the ministers in charge of telecommunications in the Arab member states or those whom they deputize. Each member shall have one vote.


The Chairmanship for the General Body shall be on an alternate basis according to alphabetical order of the names of the member state.


The General Body shall hold an annual ordinary session in April at the invitation of the General Manager from the Head Office of the Corporation. The General Body may hold its meetings at a branch office or in a member state at its invitation.


The General Body may hold an extraordinary session at the request of the Board of Directors or on a requisition by one member or more submitted to the General Manager and seconded by one third of the members. In the requisition the purpose for the calling of an extraordinary meeting shall be explicitly stated. The General Manager shall make the necessary arrangements to hold the meeting within 3 months of receiving the requisition.


The General Body Meeting shall be valid only if attended by the majority of the members.


The resolutions of the General Body Meeting shall be taken on major issues by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting. In procedural matters, resolutions shall be adopted by an ordinary majority of the members present and voting. The General Body shall adopt a resolution whether an issue is a major or a procedural one by the ordinary majority of the members present and voting. In the event of a tie the chairman shall have a casting vote.


The following shall be invited to attend the General Body Meeting as observers:
The League of Arab States, The Arab States Broadcasting Union, The Arab Union of Telecommunications, The Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science.
Organizations with objects connected to those of the corporation may be invited to attend the meeting after securing the consent of the General Body.


The General Manager shall undertake the functions of the General Secretary of the General Body.

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