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(15) THE AGREEMENT OF THE ARAB CORPORATION FOR SPACE COMMUNICATIONS(Open to Signature on April 14, 1976, Enacted on July 16, 1976)


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
The State of Bahrain
The Democratic People's Republic of Algeria
The Democratic Republic of Sudan
The Democratic Republic of Somalia
The Sultanate of Oman
The State of Kuwait
The Libyan Arab Republic
The Kingdom of Morocco
The Yemen Arab Republic
The United Arab Emirates
The Republic of Tunisia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Syrian Arab Republic
The Republic of Iraq
The State of Qatar
The Republic of Lebanon
The Arab Republic of Egypt
The Islamic Republic of Mauritania
The Democratic People's Republic of Yemen

DESIRING to establish an Arab Satellite network and to use an Arab satellite as a means of serving the purposes of communications, information, culture, education and any other services for which the above mentioned network could be utilized and towards the fulfilment of the objectives of the Arab League Charter, have sanctioned the following regulations:

Article 1: Definitions
Article 2: The Establishment of the Corporation
Article 3: Objects and activities of the Corporation
Article 4: Membership, Head Office and Main Control Station
Article 5: The Capital of the Corporation
Article 6: Subscription to the Capital of the Corporation
Article 7: Raying the Value of Shares
Article 8: Subscriber's Profits
Article 9: The Organs of the Corporation
Article 10: The General Body
Article 11: Functions of the General Body
Article 12: The Board of the Directors
Article 13: The Functions of the Board of Directors
Article 14: The Executive Body
Article 15: The General Manager
Article 16: Prerogatives and Immunities
Article 17: Withdrawal
Article 18: Amendment
Article 19: Settlement of Disputes
Article 20: Ratification
Article 21: Reservation
Article 22: Operation of this Agreement
Article 23: Corporation's Relation with the League of the Arab States

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