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Article 11: Functions of the General Body

The General Body is the supreme authority of the corporation and shall undertake the functions stipulated in Article 3 of this agreement and any other function necessary for the attainment of the objects of the corporation. The General Body shall undertake the following in particular:


Laying down the general policy of the corporation and the drawing up of plans which help to achieve the aims and activities of the corporation as stipulated in this agreement and to pass resolutions and recommendations to the Board of Directors in this respect.


Sanctioning the necessary projects to expand and develop the space sector and its requirements.


Setting the regulations pertaining to the determination of charges for using the space sector for all types of services on the recommendations of the Board of Directors.


Setting up the standards and general rules which must be maintained in the ground stations so as to make them suitable to communicate with the space sector as recommended by the Board of Directors.


Studying the reports of the Board of Directors on the various activities of the corporation and proposing relevant recommendations.


Organizing the relations of the corporation with international organizations and setting up the necessary principles for this purpose in accordance with general international regulations.


Settlement of disputes which may arise between the corporation and a member or more in accordance with Article 19 of this agreement.


Considering complaints and disagreements arising from the use of the Arab Space network which are submitted to it by the members directly or through the Board of Directors.


Adopting resolutions concerning the withdrawal of a member.


Setting up regulations with respect to financial settlements in the event of a new member joining or the withdrawal of a member or the re-allocation of shareholding proportions.


Suspension of membership rights of a member who fails to settle his financial obligations after a year of their falling due until these obligations are met.


Ratifying the General Budget and Balance Sheet of the Corporation.


Approval of the recommendation of the Board of Directors concerning the appointment of the General Manager.


Studying the reports submitted by the Board of Directors concerning future plans and the amounts allocated to them and adopting resolutions regarding them.


Adopting resolutions concerning investment shares on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.


Adopting necessary resolution concerning representation in the Board of Directors under Article 12 of this agreement.


Election of members of the Board of Directors as stipulated in clause 'B' of Article 12 of this agreement.


Appointment of auditors annually on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.


Approval regarding increase of the capital of the corporation on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.


Studying and approving proposals for the amendment of corporation's agreement.


Authorizing the Board of Directors to undertake some of its functions.


Sanctioning the timetable suggested by the Board of Directors concerning the settlement of members' subscriptions under Article 7 of this agreement.


Sanctioning of financial and administrative regulations as suggested by the Board of Directors.


Drawing up the code of conduct of the General Body.

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