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Article 13: The Functions of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors undertakes to provide, utilize and maintain the space sector and undertakes to execute the policies entrusted upon it by the General Body particularly:


Implementation of the General Policy and plans drawn by the General Body.


Execution of the policies, plans and programmes related to the design, construction, operation, development and maintenance of the space sector and undertaking any activities the corporation is authorized to carry out in accordance with the agreement and the resolutions of the General Body.


The periodical determination of charges for using the space sector for all kinds of services according to the suggestions of the Executive Body and the regulations approved by the General Body Meeting.


Proposing criteria and general rules which shall be maintained in the ground stations so as to be suitable to communicate with the space sector and submitting them to the General Body for approval.


Submitting reports to the General Body concerning:


Proposed activities of the corporation.


Implementation programmes, future programmes and financial estimates thereto.


Adoption of standards and procedures in accordance with the general rules laid down by the executive body concerning sanctioning ground stations to communicate with the space sector and verifying their specifications to co-ordinate their communication with the space sector after these standards and procedures have been approved by the General Body.


Adoption of general rules which govern the distribution of the space sector capacity in accordance with the proposals of the Executive Body.


Determination of investment shares and referring them to the General Body.


Submission of annual report on the activities of the corporation, annual budget and the final account to the General Body.


Provision of information, within the limits of the corporation's activities, to a member who may ask for it so as to enable such member to meet his obligations which may exceed the jurisdiction of the Executive Body.


Proposal to increase the capital of the corporation.


Proposing the appointment of the auditors.


Appointment of the General Manager after the approval of the General Body in accordance with Clause 13 of Article 11, and terminating his services in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 15.


Determination of the remuneration of the General Manager.


Appointment of a deputy General Manager in the event of the General Manager's post falling vacant until a new General Manager is appointed at the next General Body Meeting.


Ratifying the appointment by the General Manager of high ranking employees who directly report to him.


Preparation of a timetable of the payment of the value of shares and referring it to the General Body.


Approving applications to use the space sector.


Preparation of executive regulations and financial and administrative rules and referring them to the General Body.


Formation of necessary committees to undertake specific tasks to serve the objects of the corporation within the limits of its jurisdiction.


Naming organizations which may be necessary to be invited to attend its meetings.


Considering all reports, recommendations, and various views referred to it by the General Manager.

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