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Article 1: Definitions

For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms shall convey the meaning indicated alongside the said terms.


The Agreement:  The agreement to establish the Arab Corporation for Space Communications and the appendices attached thereto.


The Corporation:  The Arab Corporation for Space Communications.


The Member:  The State ratifying the agreement to establish the corporation or that which joins it.


The General Body Meeting:  The general body meeting of the corporation.


The Board of Directors:  The board of directors of the corporation.


The Executive Committee:  The executive committee of the corporation.


The General Manager:  The General Manager of the corporation.


Space Sector:  Communication satellites, monitoring and telemetry control and observation equipment and the relevant installations and the necessary equipment to operate the satellites.


Telecommunications:  Any transmission or reception of signals, signs, writing, photographs, sounds and information of any kind, whether by means of wire, wireless, optical or by means of any other electromagnetic systems.


General Services of Telecommunications:  The stationary or mobile telecommunication services which can be obtained and made available to the public by means of satellites such as telephones, telegraphy, telex, transmission of photographs and radio and television programmes between ground stations authorized by the corporation and which are affiliated to the Satellite Sector of the Corporation to be thence transmitted to the public and the circuits hired by any of these purposes.


Specialized Telecommunications Services:  Telecommunications services that can be made available by means of satellites besides those defined in clause 'j' of this article including wireless navigation services, radio, television satellite services, space research services, meteorological services and earth resource services.


The User:  He who benefits from the services of the corporation but not a member thereof.


Ground Stations:  Any stationary or mobile ground installations installed for the purpose of transmission or reception via the Arab Satellite excluding monitoring telemetry control and observation stations.

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