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Article 3: Objects and activities of the Corporation


The corporation aims to provide and set up an Arab Space Sector for general and specialized services in the field of telecommunications for all member states of the Arab League in accordance with technical and economic criteria accepted in the Arab and international quarters.


Besides the realization of the said objects the corporation may undertake the following activities:


Assisting Arab countries financially or technically in designing and constructing ground stations.


Undertaking research and special studies concerning space science and technology.


Encouraging the establishment of industries necessary to supply installations to the space sector and ground stations in the Arab states.


Undertaking television and radio transmissions and telecasting among departments and organizations concerned in the Arab states, via the Arab Satellite network and laying down regulations organizing the use of T.V. and radio channels in such a manner as to satisfy the local and collective needs of the Arab states.


Any other activities that serve the objects of the corporation besides those already stated, provided that they are approved by the General Meeting of the corporation on the recommendation of one member state of the corporation or more or of the Board of Directors.

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