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(4) NASA AUTHORIZATION ACT (P.L. 101-611;November 16, 1991)



Findings.—The Congress finds that—


if space users fail to act soon to reduce their contribution to debris in space, orbital debris could severely restrict the use of some orbits within a decade;


the lack of adequate data on the orbital distribution and size of debris will continue to hamper efforts to reduce the threat that debris poses to spacecraft; and


existing international treaties and agreements are inadequate for minimizing the generation of orbital debris or controlling its effects.


Sense of Congress.—It is the sense of Congress that the goal of United States policy should be that—


the space related activities of the United States should be conducted in a manner that does not increase the amount of orbital space debris; and


the United States should engage other spacefaring Nations to develop an agreement on the conduct of space activities that ensures that the amount of orbital space debris is not increased.

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