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10. Inspectors


The Council may from time to time in writing appoint such inspectors as it may deem necessary to ensure that the provisions of this Act are complied with.


No person shall be appointed under subsection (1) as an inspector unless the Council is of the opinion that he is suitably qualified and possesses the necessary expertise to enable him to perform the functions of an inspector in an efficient manner.


An inspector shall be furnished with a document signed by the chairman of the Council, stating that he has been appointed as an inspector for the purposes of this Act, and such document shall be produced by the inspector on the request of any person who has a material interest in the functions of that inspector.


An inspector may at any reasonable time—


enter any facility of a person who has applied for a licence in terms of section 11 or to whom a licence has been issued in terms of the said section; or


with the written authority of the chairman of the Council, enter any facility where the Council has reason to believe that an activity to which this Act applies, is carried out.

with the necessary equipment and in relation to that facility conduct such inspections and investigations as the inspector may deem necessary: Provided that an inspector shall, before conducting such inspection or investigation, consult the proper persons who are responsible to perform duties at the facility concerned in order to determine whether the conducting of such inspection or investigation may be detrimental to any person or activity or cause harm to any person or damage to any property: Provided further that in the case of a dispute as to whether the proposed inspection or investigation may be detrimental or cause harm or damage, the inspector shall refer the matter to the chairman of the Council, whose decision shall be final.


The chairman of the Council may instruct an inspector to be present at any activity to which a licence applies, in order to ascertain whether the conditions of the licence are being complied with, and he shall immediately report to the Council any situation or activity which in his opinion poses an unacceptable safety risk.


Any person affected by a decision of an inspector in terms of the provisions of this section, may within 30 days after being notified of the decision, in the prescribed manner, lodge an appeal with the Council.


The Council may, after considering such an appeal, confirm, amend or revoke the decision of the inspector.


An inspector authorized thereto by the chairman of the Council, may request to inspect any book, document, data or thing concerning licensing under this Act, and the person so requested shall provide all possible co-operation in this regard to the inspector.

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