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(6) SPACE AFFAIRS ACT: To Provide for the Establishment of a Council to Managed and Control Certain Space Affairs in the Republic; to Determine its Objects and Functions; to Prescribe the Manner in Which It Is to be Managed and Control; and to Provide for matter connected therewith. (Assented to 23 June, 1993)

1. Definitions.
2. Determination of Policy.
3. Compliance with Policy.
4. Establishment of South Africa Council for Space Affairs.
5. Objects and Functions of Council.
6. Composition of Council.
7. Meetings of Council.
8. Committees of Council.
9. Boards of Inquiry.
10. Inspectors
11. Licensing.
12. Representations Regarding Licensing.
13. Amendment, Suspension and Revocation of Licences.
14. Duties and Liabilities of Licensee.
15. Action in Case of Accident, Incident or Potential Emergency.
16. Appeal to Minister.
17. Revision by Court of Law.
18. Delegation.
19. Confidentiality.
20. Certain Acts not Interpreted as Assurances or Guarantees.
21. Limitation of Liability.
22. Regulations.
23. Offences and Penalties.
24. Entering into and Ratification of Conventions, Treaties and Agreements.
25. Agreements with Self-governing Territories.
26. State bound.
27. Short Title and Commencement.

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