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12. Representations Regarding Licensing.


The Council may order any person applying for a licence to serve a notice of his application on any government institution, or other person or authority who has an interest in the proposed activity, giving particulars of such activity or with regard to any matter affecting the application, as the case may be, specified in the order, allowing a reasonable time for such government institution, person or authority to submit representations to the Council with regard to teh application.


If the Council has issued such an order, it shall not issue the licence applied for, before the expiration of the period which has been so allowed and if representations have been made to it in terms of the said notice within the period concerned, before it has considered the representations.


While a licence is in force, each person or authority who has to perform duties with regard to the space activity concerned, shall be entitled either by himself or itself or through a body which is recognized by the Council for the purposes of this subsection as representative of the said person or authority—


to make representations to the Council regarding the manner in which the Council exercises its powers in terms of this Act; or


to make representations to the Minister regarding the manner in which he exercises his powers.

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