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19. Confidentiality.

A member of the Council, a member of a committee of the Council, any officer or employee of the Department, an inspector or any other person who is or was concerned in the performance of any function in terms of this Act, shall not disclose, transmit or make known to any person, whether within or outside the Republic, any information which he obtained in the performance of such a function or cause such information to be disclosed, transmitted or made known, except—


to the Minister;


to any person who of necessity requires it for the performance of his functions in terms of this Act or any other law;


where he of necessity supplies it in the performance of his functions in terms of this Act;


where it is required in terms of any law or as evidence in any court of law;


to any competent authority within the Republic, or, with the written consent of the Council, to any authority outside the Republic which requires it for the institution, or an investigation with a view to the institution, of any criminal prosecution;


by or on the authority of the Minister or the Council;


in consulting in privileged circumstances a patent agent, advocate or attorney in the Republic in a professional capacity.

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