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1. Definitions.—In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates—

"board of inquiry" means a board established under section 9;

"Council" means the South African Council for Space Affairs established by section 4;

"data" includes any data or information of a technical or other nature as well as blueprints, diagrams, plans, models, formulae, engineering designs, specifications, manuals and instructions, whether written or recorded by means of any electronic, magnetic or optical process;

"Department" means the Department of Trade and Industry;

"Director-General" means the Director-General of the Department;

"dual-purpose technologies" means space technologies which can contribute to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

"facility" means any place, premises, structure or installation designed, adapted or equipped for the performance of any space or space-related process or activity;

"government institution" means any—


body or company established by or under any law; or


other institution or body recognized by the Minister by notice in the Gazette;

"inspector" means any person appointed under section 10;

"launching" means the placing or attempted placing of any spacecraft into a suborbital trajectory or into outer space, or the testing of a launch vehicle or spacecraft in which it is foreseen that the launch vehicle will lift from the earth's surface;

"launch vehicle" means any device manufactured or adapted to launch a spacecraft;

"licence" means a licence issued under section 11;

"licensee" means any person who is the holder of a licence;

"Minister" means the Minister of Trade and Industry;

"outer space" means the space above the surface of the earth from a height at which it is in practice possible to operate an object in an orbit around the earth;

"premises" means any place where any facility, installation or structure is situated or being erected, and where any space or space-related activity is performed or the performance thereof is contemplated;

"prescribed" means prescribed by regulation;

"regulation" means any regulation made under this Act;

"space activities" means the activities directly contributing to the launching of spacecraft and the operation of such craft in outer space;

"spacecraft" means any object launched with the purpose of being put and operated in outer space;

"space industry" means any industry utilizing space technologies;

"space-related activities" means all activities supporting, or sharing mutual technologies with, space activities;

"space technologies" means technologies specifically developed with a view to, or which are related to, or are utilized in, space activities;

"suborbital trajectory" means the trajectory of any object which leaves the surface of the earth due to a launch, but returns to the surface of the earth without completing an orbit around the earth;

"technological assets" means any capital assets, patents, designs, data, equipment and computer software specifically related to space technologies;

"this Act" includes any regulation;

"weapons of mass destruction" means weapons of mass destruction as defined in the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, 1993.

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