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22. Regulations.


The Minister may make regulations regarding—


the manner in which the functions of the Council shall be performed;


the procedures to be followed when applying for a licence;


the measures to be taken in order to protect the national interests of the Republic;


subject to the provisions of any other law, the safety measures and minimum safety standards concerning any space or space-related activity;


the disclosure of information in terms of section 19;


the conditions on which and circumstances under which inspections or investigations shall be conducted and the procedures to be followed in connection therewith;


the application of provisions of international conventions, treaties and agreements relating to space, entered into or ratified by the Government of the Republic;


the procedures to be followed in connection with an appeal to the Minister under section 16(1), and the period within which such an appeal shall be noted;


the disclosure, marketing and transfer of technologies, capacities and products of the space industry outside the Republic;


the designation, disposal of and alienation or degrading of any technological asset, capability, facility or industry deemed by the Minister as being of a strategic or indispensable nature to the Republic;


in general, any matter which shall or may be prescribed by or under this Act and which is aimed at achieving the objects of this Act.


Any regulation made under subsection (1) may provide that any person contravening a provision thereof or failing to comply therewith, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine, or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years.

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