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5. Objects and Functions of Council.


The objects of the Council are to implement, in the most efficient and economical manner possible, the space policy of the Republic formulated in terms of section 2.


The Council shall on behalf of the State take care of the interests, responsibilities and obligations of the Republic regarding its space and space-related activities in compliance with international conventions, treaties and agreements entered into or ratified by the Government of the Republic.


In order to achieve its objects the Council may—


advise the Minister on any matter that may have an influence on space affairs;


hear representations by any person regarding space affairs in the Republic;


supervise and implement matters arising from international conventions, treaties and agreements concerning space affairs entered into or ratified by the Government of the Republic;


issue licences under section 11 or amend, suspend or revoke them under section 13;


encourage persons and authorities involved in the space industry to register with the Council and to apply information regarding capabilities so obtained to enhance and co-ordinate the space industry and its capabilities;


designate knowledgeable persons from government institutions and the space industry as members of committees of the Council to assist the Council in the performance of its functions;


further matters leading to the orderly and responsible participation by any person or authority in space affairs;


subject to section 19, provide for the appropriate and widest possible publication of information concerning the activities of the Council;


subject to the provisions of this Act, perform any other activity with a view to contributing to the effective achievement of the objects of the Council.

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