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9. Boards of Inquiry.


The Minister may from time to time appoint a board of inquiry to assist him in the adjudication of any matter or any appeal in terms of this Act.


A board of inquiry shall consist of—



a judge as defined in section 1(1) of the Judges' Remuneration and Conditions of Employment Act, 1989 (Act No. 88 of 1989), or a judge who has been discharged from active service in terms of section 3 of the said Act;


a magistrate or retired magistrate;


a person admitted to practise as an advocate in terms of the Admission of Advocates Act. 1964 (Act No. 74 of 1964); or


a person admitted to practise as an attorney in terms of the Attorneys Act, 1979 (Act No. 53 of 1979),
who, in the opinion of the Minister, has knowledge of space affairs and shall be designated as chairman by the Minister; and


such other persons as the Minister may deem necessary and who in his opinion shall have applicable knowledge regarding the matter to be considered by the board of inquiry.


A session of the board of inquiry shall be held on such date and at such time and place as the chairman may determine, and he shall inform the Minister and the parties concerned in writing thereof.


For the purposes of its inquiry a board of inquiry may—


subpoena any person who in its opinion may be able to give material information concerning the subject of the inquiry or who is believed to have in his possession or custody or under his control any book, document, data or thing which has any bearing on the subject of the inquiry, to appear before the board of inquiry on a date and at a time and place specified in the subpoena, to be interrogated or to produce that book, document, data or thing, and retain for examination any book, document, data or thing so produced;


call and by its chairman administer an oath to, or accept an affirmation from, any person present at the inquiry who was or could have been subpoenaed under paragraph (a) and interrogate him and require him to produce any book, document, data or thing in his possession or custody or under his control.


A subpoena referred to in subsection (4)(a) shall—


be in the prescribed form;


be signed by the chairman of the board of inquiry;


be issued and served in the prescribed manner.


A session of a board of inquiry shall be held in public, unless the Minister directs otherwise.


The findings of a board of inquiry and the reasons therefor shall not be disclosed by the board of inquiry, but shall be conveyed to the Minister in writing.


A member of a board of inquiry who is not in the full-time employment of the State shall be paid such remuneration and allowances as the Minister with the concurrence of the Minister of State Expenditure may determine.


The Director-General shall designate such officers and employees of the Department as may be necessary, to assist the board of inquiry with the administrative work relating to its inquiry.

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