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You can find updated information on the MICHIBIKI in the project site. Also, for publication of its acquisition data, which is the focus of the operation, please check the "QZ-Vision" site.


September 27, 2010 Updated

MICHIBIKI injected into the quasi-zenith orbit with its center longitude of about 135 degrees

The First Quasi-Zenith Satellite MICHIBIKI, which was launched by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 18 on Sept. 11 (JST,) has been maneuvered to shift its orbit from the drift orbit to the quasi-zenith orbit starting on the 21st. The satellite is now confirmed to be inserted into the quasi-zenith orbit over Japan with its center longitude of about 135 degrees through the final orbit control performed at 6:28 a.m. on Sept. 27.
We will carry out initial functional verification of the satellite including the onboard devices for about three months in cooperation with organizations for technological verifications.


Mission Photo, Movie

Images captured from the webcast.

Live Broadcast

JAXA broadcast the launch of "MICHIBIKI" by the H-IIA F18 from the Tanegashima Space Center through the Internet.

Countdown Report

The live report of the launch on the launch day. (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - H-IIA Launch Service Web Site)


Let's ask MICHIBIKI-san! Quasi-Zenith Satellite (QZS) ‘MICHIBIKI’ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about MICHIBIKI-san, Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.


MICHIBIKI-san, a mascot character of the first Quasi-Zenith Satellite "MICHIBIKI," is now available as wallpapers.

Interview: From Japan, Asia to the World - forward to the launch of "MICHIBIKI" -

Takao Doi, Chief of the Space Applications Section, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Interview: Establishment of a Seamless Positioning System

Project Manger, Koji Terada, talks about Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.


Overview of the ‘MICHIBIKI’

The MICHIBIKI is the first satellite of the QZSS to carry out verification for technological aspects and utilization in order to complement and reinforce the GPS.

What is Quasi-Zenith Orbit?

It is a unique orbit in an asymmetry figure-8 to create a longer time duration of flying over Japan

Positioning to know your location and time

Brief explanation of satellite positioning on how to calculate location and time using signals from satellites.

Overview of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle

Japan’s main launch vehicle with 11 consecutive successful launches.The H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 18 will be a H-IIA 202 type.