Launch of KAGUYA/H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13 Launch of KAGUYA/H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13 Top

F13 Launch sequence

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H-IIA F13 Launch Sequence
Event Time [min:sec]
Liftoff 00:00
SSB ignition 00:10
SSB jettison 01:30
SRB-A jettison 02:05
Payload fairing jettison 04:25
1st/2nd stages separation 06:48
2nd stage engine 1st ignition 06:54
2nd stage engine 1st cutoff 12:07
2nd stage engine 2nd ignition 40:33
2nd stage engine 2nd cutoff 44:02
Satellite separation 45:32

(Note) The H-IIA F13 mission aims to inject its payload into the lunar transfer orbit, and the length of the coast flight phase varies depending on the launch day. This chart shows a flight case with the longest coast phase as a typical example.