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December 24, 2010 Updated

To all supporters of the AKATSUKI project

Our Venus Climate Orbiter “AKATSUKI” is believed to have encountered an unexpected accident on Dec. 7 during its Venus orbit insertion, and it was very regrettable that the orbit injection effort failed. All the project members were bitterly disappointed, and all the supporters must feel the same way.
Fortunately, we still have maintained contact with the AKATSUKI, thus the mission has not been terminated.
We are, first of all, investigating the cause so that we will not repeat the same mistake in future missions. Meanwhile, we are striving to keep the AKATSUKI flying in a stable manner in its current status, and are doing our utmost to send the brothers and sisters of the AKATSUKI to space someday to acquire precious knowledge for the human race.
I believe this is the mission of us, space scientists, to learn lessons for the future from the experience this time, overcome the failure, and come up with a new mission.
The significance of Venus exploration has never been lost. Until we elucidate the mystery of Venus, we sincerely hope that you will walk with us.
Thank you very much for your support.

Venus Climate Orbiter “AKATSUKI” (PLANET-C) Project Manager
Masato Nakamura
*Updated information will be posted on the AKATSUKI project page when it is available. We would like to send our heartfelt appreciation to all the project supporters.


Mission Photo, Movie

Images captured from the webcast and Quick review of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle F17.

Promotional Movie

The movie explains the AKATSUKI’s Venus exploration outline.

JAXA's Planet Exploration

We would like to introduce JAXA's past exploration missions to the moon and planets in the solar system.

Wallpaper and Paper craft

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The World's First Planetary Meteorological Satellite

Project Scientist, Takesi Imamura, talks about AKATSUKI and Venus.

Live Report

Live Broadcast

JAXA broadcasted the launch of "AKATSUKI" and "IKAROS" by the H-IIA F17 from the Tanegashima Space Center through the Internet.

Countdown Report

The live report of the launch on the launch day. (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - H-IIA Launch Service Web Site)


AKATSUKI Mission Overview

AKATSUKI (PLANET-C) 's main purpose is to elucidate the mysteries of the Venusian atmosphere.

Outline of Venus

Beneath the sulfuric acid clouds covering and flowing over Venus at the speed of 400 km/h, lies land scorched at 460 degrees Celsius.

IKAROS Mission Overview

The IKAROS mission aims at verifying that a spacecraft can fly only by solar powered sail, and that thin film solar cells can generate power.

Overview of Secondary Payloads

Along with the main payload, AKATSUKI, five secondary payloads will be launched by an H-IIA Launch Vehicle.

Overview of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle

The H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 17 is a "H2A202" model with two solid rocket boosters (SRBs).
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