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Article X: Access to Technology and Assistance by NASA

1. Principles


ESRO will have access to technology, including know-how available to NASA and needed to accomplish successfully its tasks under this cooperative programme; for the same purposes, NASA will have access to technology, including know-how, available to ESRO. NASA will do its best to arrange for such technical assistance as ESRO and its contractors may require for the satisfactory completion of the SL programme. Access to technology and arrangements for technical assistance shall be consistent with applicable US laws and regulations.


NASA will make available to ESRO general information related to the design, development, and use of the Shuttle and orbital system, particularly that required for the understanding of that system.


Requests for use of technology, including know-how, in other than SL development and production tasks will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


To the extent that NASA can make the required information readily available, it will do so without charge; in other cases, NASA will use its best efforts to facilitate its availability on favourable conditions.


The access to technology, including know-how, referred to above will be effected in such a way as not to infringe any existing proprietary rights of any person or body in the United States or Europe.

2. Joint definition of areas

The two parties shall provide for the earliest possible joint definition of areas in which help in the procurement of hardware and technical assistance from US Government Agencies or nationals may be required.

3. Form of assistance

In providing such help to ESRO as may be agreed, NASA may respond on an in-house basis or may refer ESRO and/or its contractors to US contractors. NASA reserves the right to arrange for such assistance in the form of hardware, rather than know-how.

4. Quality control and acceptance

Where ESRO needs to procure US hardware, NASA agrees to use its good offices in connection with arranging the services of US quality control and acceptance and cost control and auditing personnel in US plants where available and appropriate.

5. Facilitation of export licenses

Early advance notification of contemplated ESRO procurements of US hardware or technology, including know-how, will facilitate assistance by NASA in connection with arrangements for export licenses consistent with applicable US laws and regulations.

6. Use of US facilities

Where it is jointly determined that it is appropriate and necessary for the conduct of the cooperative programme, NASA will use its good offices in connection with arranging for the use of US Government or contractors' facilities by ESRO and/or its contractors.

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