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Article VI: Coordination --Liaison--Review

1. Programme Heads

Each of the parties has designated in their respective Headquarters an SL Programme Head. They will be responsible for the implementation of this cooperative programme and they will meet and communicate as they require.

2. Project Managers

In addition, each of the parties will designate an SL Project Manager responsible for day-to-day coordination in the implementation of this cooperative programme.

3. Joint SL Working Group (JSLWG)

The two Programme Heads will together establish a Joint SL Working Group with appropriate technical representation from each party. The Programme Heads will be co-chairmen of the JSLWG. The JSLWG will be the principal mechanism for:


the exchange of information necessary to inform both parties fully of the status of both the Shuttle and the SL;


monitoring interface items, problems and solutions;


early identification of issues or problems of either party which may effect the other; and


assuring early action with respect to any problems or requirements.

4. Liaison

The parties shall each provide and accommodate liaison representation at levels as mutually agreed. The representation will be such as to assure each party adequate visibility of the other's progress especially with regard to interfaces and their control. ESRO shall have representation on appropriate Shuttle change control boards to assure adequate opportunity to present the views and interests of ESRO with respect to any change. The ESRO representatives on the boards will have a voice but will not vote. NASA will have similar representation on the comparable ESRO SL board. ESRO and NASA will enable and arrange for visits to their respective contractors as required.

5. Progress reviews

Each party shall schedule progress reviews of its work in the Shuttle and SL programmes and shall provide access to the other to such reviews. Annual reviews will be conducted by the NASA Administrator and the ESRO Director General.

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